Our  coaches

Meet the  Coaches:

Our Yoga club is one of the best ones in LA, California… At our place, you’re always able to find an understanding and dedicated helper 

and guide within our lineup of professional Yoga coaches. All of them have numerous achievements and awards under their belt, and all 

of them have already helped hundreds of people to enter the realm of tranquility!


Owner/Head Coach

The training is led by Maui Yoga Shala owner Nadia Toraman, voted as Maui Times Best Yoga Teacher on Maui in 2009, 2010, and 2011. She has been training Yoga teachers and living on Maui for 25 years, and many of her students have gone on to become highly acclaimed teachers in their hometowns or out in the world. Nadia combines a passionate love for the liberating heart of Yoga with a keen intellectual understanding of its underlying philosophy to offer a truly transformative training.

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Shakta teaches chanting, meditation, and the practical application of the yogic philosophy. As the studio manager he provides orientation and general support for the needs of the trainees. Shakta integrates his practice into a whole lifestyle which included gardening, farming, and nature as well as serving, chanting, and singing with a local satsang. Drawing on the ancient teachings of yoga through the Yoga Sutras, ashtanga yoga, sanskrit verses, and the deities, the students will learn to apply these universal principles to their own lives as well as how to weave yoga philosophy into their classes so that their students can experience the full transformative power of the practice.   Shakta credits these influential teachers:  Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī, Nadia Toraman, Kalyani Russell, Swami Dayamrita Chaitanya, David Williams, and Barney Chapman.



Trained and certified as a yoga teacher by the American Viniyoga Institute, Jennifer began teaching movement, yoga and meditation 32 years ago, but it was not initiated into its true depth until she was led to Viniyoga after a yoga injury 22 years ago. The guidance and training she received for her own rehabilitation and strengthening inspired her to continue to deepen her practice and explore the healing and creative potential of the Yoga tradition through the direct lineage of Krishnamacharya.

The long and winding path of personal healing, practice and inquiry has given Jennifer a deep trust and enthusiasm for our amazing human potential.  Her gift for translating the messages of body and soul empower and encourage others on their unique path of wisdom and healing, addressing the challenges of common experience with compassion, humor and clarity. Jennifer’s teaching illuminates Yoga as the Art of Living and time-tested way to realize and fulfill our potential.
  ‘Everything I know, I know because I Love’   (A favorite quote from Leo Tolstoy).