Maui Yoga and Dance Shala

Representing the craft and ingenuity of local artisans, our boutique aims to showcase jewelry which was created with heartfelt intentions and quality components. With a vast selection and multiple variations, we carry pieces to compliment an array of styles. 


By Olia Design is based in Maui, Hawaii and draws influence from the raw nature that the Hawaiian landscape bares.  Her purpose and approach is to accentuate beauty without becoming an over-flattering distraction.  Natural stones coupled with a personal, artistic touch are what make Olia’s creations unique.  Her line of masculine bracelets and necklaces include designs of black lava rock, wood, dark stone, pyrite and sometimes bone.  Gold and silver often find their way into the mix as feminine designs taper into colorful gems, coral and natural stones alike. 

bracelets jewelry


Cultivating the Hawaiian spirit, local collection, Aloha Bling, is inspired by the magical essence of the islands. Speaking to the dreamers, mermaids, and gypsy souls, this line shines light on enchanting fantasies and our gorgeous tropical reality.  

aloha bling-pineapple


Crafted by a Maui native mother-daughter duo, Ella May designs are simply stunning. With pieces flaunting the most seductive Tahitian pearls, the selection is rare and refined.

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