At The Maui Yoga Shala, We specialize in female Brazilian waxing.

Feel the difference as we use only the highest quality of wax in the industry.  

Waxing Rates:
Half arm—30
Eyebrow basic—15
Eyebrow with tint—-20
Full Leg—55
Half Leg—35
Under arm —15
Bikini Basic—40
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Brazilian Wax 

Make your service more comfortable by following these tips:


  • Our wax glides wonderfully over moisturized skin, So feel free to apply your favorite lotion or face serum before your appointment.

  • Stay away from caffeine the day of your appointment! Caffeine is a stimulant and tends to amplify anxiety and / or pain. 

  • Wear loose clothing such as a flowing dress or skirt to your appointment. *During colder weather sweatpants are a great option. This allows your skin to breathe and will allow the skin to regenerate faster.*

  • You may exfoliate your skin the day before your appointment by using a natural sugar scrub. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells surrounding the hair follicles, and allows for a better application of the wax. This results in a more thorough service.

  • Optimum hair length for a comfortable and effective service is 1/4″ or 5 weeks from the day you last shaved. This allows the wax to bind to the root of the hair shaft, resulting in a faster and less painful removal of the hair.

  • If the skin that you are planning on getting waxed feels dry; the day before your appointment you may exfoliate with a sugar scrub and apply coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize your skin.