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The Maui Stretch Clinic is a personalized full body assisted stretch and relaxation session guided by one of our experienced yoga teachers.

Are you an athlete looking to increase performance?

Have you suffered an injury that you’re seeking to rehabilitate?

Do you crave deeper stretching that you aren’t achieving in your yoga or athletic practice?

Are you seeking to ease the aging process?

Do you just need some motivation to stretch out?

assisted stretching lab maui paia
maui assisted stretch lab

Each session is customized to target specific client needs, in addition to releasing tension in the major muscle groups. Maui Stretch Clinic focuses on lengthening extremities, promoting joint mobility, flexibility, range of motion, better posture and body symmetry, and assisting the client into deeper breathing. These sessions calm the nervous system, stretch the whole body, help relieve pain and muscle/joint stiffness, promote healing & longevity, and help regenerate life force (energy).

Our practitioners use bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, foam rollers, and their own body weight to assist clients to soften into their edge of stretch and flexibility. 

The Maui Stretch Clinic is designed to bring you comfort and relief into your greatest range of flexibility. Maui Stretch Clinic is suitable for all body types and customizes each session to the client’s level and needs. 

60 mins $95/person

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Call  +1 (808) 495-3133 or email info@maui-yoga.com

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