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“Our instructor was a really patient teacher, super intuitive and gets you catching waves fast. He taught us better and better technique as we went along and we were catching waves with confidence.   He lets you loose toward the end of the lesson and you can surf without time constraint.   If you want a legitimate Hawaiian surf experience, schedule it up with these guys!”

Chuck S.

“I now feel very comfortable renting a board myself and catching a wave. This was hands down one of my favorite experiences in my travels to Maui.”

Alexandra J.

Ready to learn to surf the beautiful waters of Maui?  Catch a wave with one of our local instructors! Our surf guides will instruct to your ability and skill level so you can have a genuinely special surfing experience.  Deepen your appreciation and connection to the ocean.

Each session begins with a land lesson to get you warmed up and comfortable with board with the skills to get out in the water.

A private lesson will allow our guides to cater their instruction to your ability so you can have a memorable and authentic surfing experience.  

2 hour surf sessions:

Private $199 per person

Private for two $139 per person  

Group $100 each

Ready to book your Maui surf lesson or need more info?


+1 (808) 495-3133



“The lesson with Uiam was incredible. I’ve never tried surfing before and with his help I was already able to stand at the second wave 🙂 there was nobody except us at the spot he took me to- so different from so many surf lessons I saw taking place around the island. I learned how to catch my own waves in this first lesson, so now I am really comfortable just renting a board by myself on my next trip. Moreover, there was no such thing as a time limit, we stayed there as long as I wanted to (ok, after 3 hours my arms were really tired to be honest 🙂  But it was not only a great surfing lesson, it was also kind of a lesson for life. He has a great personality and with his calmness and easiness he just made me believe that I was able to catch my own waves and that’s what happened. To make a long story short- it was the best experience during my trip to Maui. Thank you Uiam and hopefully see you soon!”

Christina H.

paia maui surf lessons

Surfing gets more fun every time you go, as your skills improve. On your first lesson you are guaranteed to stand up and surf waves, or your money back!   Get ready to learn how to safely catch your own waves and start a life-long relationship with the ocean.  

maui surf retreat lessons

Meet our lead local surf instructor, Uiam Clearwater.   The Island of Maui is home to some of the largest waves in the world. Surfed by only the most experienced wave riders willing to test their skills during the enormous N/W swells in the winter time. Fortunately for everyone else, Maui is also home to some of the most gentle, easy-to-learn-on, rideable waves on the planet! Both of these attributes is why Uiam (pronounced like Yahm) Clearwater moved here from Kauai. 

His love for riding big waves is equal to his passion for teaching beginners at the smaller waves locations, which are perfectly suited for learning. This passion especially kicks in for those students that may be hesitant, nervous, or unsure if they would even be able to surf. With Uiam, everyone is able to ride waves. He has enjoyed teaching the ancient art of surfing for many years to all ages and walks of life, including elderly and children with disabilities. 

maui surf instructor uiam clearwater

“With the right wave, board, and instructor – anyone can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of riding waves” -Uiam.

Surfing is extraordinarily fun. It is quite possibly one of the most exhilarating activities a person can do. Nothing compares to connecting, harnessing, and riding the beauty and natural power of the Ocean. Even though surfing brings exceptional exercise for the physical body, it is the mental and spiritual benefits of surfing that Uiam finds the most rewarding. Surfing has a way of effortlessly clearing the mind and immediately bringing one deeply into the present moment. Something of great value, which countless books have been written about and high spiritual intuits have spent years to attain.

Many visitors to the Islands have confessed that surfing with Uiam was the absolute highlight of their Hawaiian experience. Uiam has a unique gift of working with each individual and their needs, from helping them get comfortable in the water to finding their own wave riding independence and relationship to the Sea.

We are here to offer locals and visitors a life-changing ocean experience unique to the Island of Maui. And surprisingly, surfing and yoga are similar in many ways! From the body movements and poses to the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits – a lot of the two arts go hand-in-hand. Clearing the mind strengthens the body and rejuvenates the spirit, and with surfing, brings in a whole lotta fun. 

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