Ready to experience the natural beauty of Maui? 
 Would you love to…
be in nature?
get inspired?
let go?
feel connected?
find inner balance?
feel the aloha?

Aloha is the spirit of friendliness, kindness, peace, compassion, and love.

Join our once in a lifetime experience.  Ditch your day-today routine and take yourself and your practice to one of the world’s most blissful/beautiful destinations, Hawaii.   Return home refreshed and inspired.

Our retreats are offered every month with the option to extend your stay.  Choose from one of these amazing retreats:

 Yoga,  Surfing or Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) 
Leave all your worries behind.  Enjoy surfing, swimming, snorkeling or stand-up-paddling under the warm Maui sun.  The ocean is clearing, cleansing, and healing. Here we find peace, happiness and inspiration.  We will follow the waves on the island for your level. 

Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Restore, reflect, and rejuvenate as you relax to the sounds of the ocean.  After working hard its time to find the balance and peace within as you connect to your spirit and the natural beauty all around you. Practice with us on Maui’s beautiful beaches, our world-renowned studio, and tranquil nature spots.

Yoga, Maui Nature & Adventure Retreat
Fresh air, cleansing waters, and the warm Maui sun await you.  Take an extended break with us and come hike, relax, and dip into a waterfall or dive into the sparkling blue sea.   Adventure to breathtaking sights and take your practice to new levels.

Yoga & Luxury Retreat
Replenish yourself while you enjoy the sweetness of beachside lodging.  Treat yourself to a truly unforgettable luxury get away, marked by distinguished style, attentive service, and picturesque Maui.  Experience the most luxurious surroundings while being pampered from the inside out.  Cleanse, heal and renew.

Book your Maui Hawaii yoga retreat with us today! 

Please contact:  or call us +1 808.283.4123

*We also offer private retreats for your family and friends **price does not include airfare