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Our center offers offers a full menu of Holistic Therapies in Paia on the North Shore of Maui. We have a team of trained and experienced practitioners that are dedicated to offering you a transformative, healing and rejuvenating experience. We blend clinical expertise with wisdom and compassion to help you return to harmony and balance in Spirit, Mind and Body.

 Take time for your self-care, nurture your mind and body, and connect more deeply with yourself. Whether it’s a massage, lifestyle consultation, or healing session, your time with us is a learning experience and an opportunity to tune into your body’s innate wisdom. Our nurturing one-on-one approach is inspired by ancient healing traditions, and will illuminate your path of wellbeing and balance. We also offer healing sessions to couples and families…all can benefit from compassionate and wise support. Our beautiful healing room is private and serene and provides a sanctuary space to receive healing energy and experience growth on all levels while connecting to your truest self.

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sound healing sound bath

Healing Assessment, Yoga, Breathing & Meditation Sessions, Sound Bath, Aromatherapy, Crystal Energy Healing, Healing Touch 

If you are stressed, anxious, or physically drained, an energy healing session can help you relax and feel more balanced. And if you’re already feeling good, it’s always possible to feel a better with a healing session.  Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is exposed to physical or emotional stress. 

Experience the use of vibrational tools such as crystals, aromas, sounds, bodywork, a healing touch, yoga and meditation to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance. With support and inspiration you can achieve a deeply gratifying and genuine connection with your higher self and live a life of balance and peace.   Nadia also specializes in the assistance of healing between various relationships including partners, friends, or parent-child. 


Life Readings, Spirit Guide & Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Spiritual Healing

Spirit guides can be from a past life, a person we have known, a spiritual teacher, an enlightened master. They can also be someone that have crossed over that we have known in this life, or higher beings that have not incarnated in the physical body, such as those from the angelic or light-workers realm. We can have more than one guide, angel as we go along our life, this can be influenced by our own spiritual search and advancement.

Many of my clients have been in touch with their guides, felt them around them in their life, especially at a time of need, trauma, near death experience, or emotional distress.  It is at these times, that they come to us the most, however having an experience of meeting them, getting to know who they are, and making it a practice to connect to them, you can call on them whenever you choose to.   


Private sessions are available with Brenna Iset and will fill your heart with love. You will feel welcomed and deeply cared about. 

 “My job is to read your energy blueprint, channel the guidance from your unseen team of Angels, Guides, and your Higher Selves. Together we can design your new life map.” – Brenna 

Intuitive Counseling

$50 for 30 minute session
$90 for 60 minute session
Package $240-Four 60 minute sessions ($60 each session)

Brenna will read your past, present, future and everything you give her permission to see. She is the medium between you and your own Guides, Angels and Higher Self. We will journey into the roots of issues that create fear, pain, negative patterns and programs.

We will show you how to do this on your own, and how to bring the light of love into these injuries and negative systems. The light will do the rest; love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Life Coaching

$50 for 30 minute session
$90 for 60 minute session
Package $240-Four 60 minute sessions ($60 each session)
You can handcraft the new life you have always wanted. A brilliant life of joy, love, abundance, health and peace can be your destiny. Brenna will read your energy blueprint, channel the guidance from your unseen team of Angels, Guides, and your Higher Self. Together we can design your new life map.

Brenna will remind you how to cultivate the power of your spirit to redirect the wheel of karma. You have the potential to create the beautiful life that you deserve.

Spiritual Healing

$50 for 30 minute session
$90 for 60 minute session
Package $240-Four 60 minute sessions ($60 each session)

Brenna is a guide, channel, healer and teacher, assisting the seeker to understand their own energy matrix.
She is a voice for your own personal unseen Spirit Guides, to offer the highest information for your soul’s journey. 
Brenna will assist with the clearing and healing of that which stands in the way of your quest for enlightenment.

Body Magic-Personal Weight Loss Coaching

$50 for 30 minute session
$90 for 60 minute session
Package $240-Four 60 minute sessions ($60 each session)
Each of us has the potential to create the body shape we desire. Brenna will guide you, using the “4 Magic Keys” to manifest your dream body. She will coach you to activate the process to shape your physical body. She will assist you with the clearing and healing of any fears and blocks that stand in the way of your success.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

$90 for 1 hour session

 With Adi Leary.  Hypnotherapy is a tool to enable participants to achieve a relaxed state—under which they become more receptive to suggestions for relief from their challenges. It can address a variety of issues ranging from psychological (such as anxiety, lack of motivation, or sleeping difficulties), physical (such as pain and ailments, or weight change), and interpersonal relationship difficulties. 

Adi will facilitate the healing process by helping you reach into your subconscious and create an internal corrective experience. She will provide a safe and nurturing environment to help you feel supported through the process.

Body/Mind/Spirit Sessions: Yoga Therapy, Personalized Guided Meditation, Private Classes

Private Yoga Therapy Session

$100 for 1 hour session
Yoga therapy is the process of empowering the individual through Yoga with a deep awareness and understanding of the Body, Mind and Heart. In this session, Yoga techniques and practices are adapted to the client’s specific needs in order to restore balance and promote optimal health and wellness. Jennifer will apply her decades of experience in Yoga and the Healing Arts to design a practice that is customized for you and respects your unique capacities and needs. You will gain understanding and tools that will support stability and ease in your Body/Mind and help you feel more connected, relaxed and grounded.   Sessions are 1 hour, and can be taped for your future use.

Yoga Soul Sessions

$150 for 1.5 hour session

This deluxe and transformative 1.5 hour session includes Yoga Therapy as well as a personalized guided meditation to support your Body, Mind and Spirit. Jennifer’s intuitive wisdom, depth and skill create an experience of expansion and grounding that help you access your inner guidance, and support greater resonance and clarity. She has a gift of translating the language of the body into practical wisdom for your growth and well-being, and you will leave with tools that you can access to empower and uplift your life.   Session can be taped for your future use.

Meditation and Breathwork Sessions

$100 for 1 hour session

In this customized private session, Jennifer will take you on an inner journey using a combination of meditation styles uniquely blended to your needs, with a goal of connecting you with practices that fit your lifestyle and aspirations. She will teach you breathwork techniques to help you learn to regulate stress and emotions, and create a practice that you can do daily that fits you and your lifestyle. Her knowledge of neuroscience and Yoga will illuminate your understanding of how the tools you learn work, and empower you to practice them to give you more ease and stability in your life. The session is 1 hour, and can be taped for future use.

Restorative Yoga for Mental Health

$90 for 1 hour session

Adi Leary will tailor each session to your goals for achieving physical and mental balance. Her unique approach combines 10 years of mental health counseling experience with restorative yoga techniques such as meditation and breath work to address issues ranging from psychological (such as anxiety, lack of motivation, or sleeping difficulties), psychosomatics (such as pain and ailments), and physical (such muscle endurance or flexibility).

Each session includes an initial assessment of your goals and discussions of techniques that you can use to work on your goals after the session. Adi’s empathetic approach, grounded in her counseling experience, will guide you through your session with warmth and acceptance.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

$90 for 50 min session

Adi Leary’s HIIT class takes a holistic approach to enable the mind-body-spirit connection. For example, she takes breathing techniques from yoga and relaxation methods from hypnotherapy to increase mindfulness in the mind-muscle connection. The low impact sessions will sculpt and tone your muscles, improve cardiovascular and metabolic your health, and support your mental well-being. You will burn calories before and after and feel rejuvenated.

Each session will be tailored to your goals. You can choose between hot HIIT or regular room temperature for each session.

Reiki, Energy Healing, Chakras


$145 for 1 hour

Reiki is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art that helps you feel better and heal better.  You can use Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing and personal growth. Reiki stimulates your body’s innate healing resources, encouraging a return to wellness.
Reiki means Universal Life Force – the healing energy of the universe. The attunement ceremony empowers you to transmit Reiki energy through your hands. Once attuned, you have this ability for life and can use this healing energy to promote balance and harmony on all levels of your being.   

Chakra Guided Meditation and Balancing

$145 for 1 hour session

There are 7 chakras that run down the body’s midline from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These swirling vortexes regulate our energy flow. When chakras are balanced, energy and vitality can flow freely to where it is most needed. When a chakra is blocked, energy gets stuck and manifests as discomfort or illness in the area of the body of the blocked chakra. Once the blocks are removed, the body can return to its natural state of wellness. Along with energy healing and balancing for each of the chakra centers, you will also be guided through a meditation and visualization with affirmations to further strengthen your connection to each area.   4


Shamanic Transformational Breathwork

$140 for 90 minute session

Breath is our life force, connection to spirit, a bridge between the conscious the unconscious mind, but many of us have forgotten how to breathe. This not only limits us from reaching our full potential but can also keep the healing we so desperately seek just outside of our reach. By inviting the breath deeply into the body in a safe space, we can access buried trauma and tap into the messages our body is trying to send us. Anxiety, depression, anger, pain, illness and disease are just the body letting us know that something needs attention or needs to be explored, but so often in our culture today we see these signals as a nuisance. We just want to pop a pill or numb out through addictions and distractions, which only keeps us in suffering and postpones our healing. Shamanic Transformational Breathwork allows us to process without words or the need to relive our past. It reconnects us with our light and leads us back to our true selves. Take back your power, shine your light, and live the life you were born to live.

Ayurveda and Astrology

Ayurvedic Consultations

Single sessions with Ariel Wright – 60 minute sessions for $70

First Consultation Session // Gain a deeper understanding of how your mind-body-soul stays in balance with one-on-one Ayurvedic Consultations to knowing your Prakruti (your balanced body type) as well as your Vikruti (your imbalanced body now). An Ayurvedic consultation can help with both immediate, long term symptoms for healing and most importantly, gaining balance on a daily basis by knowing what foods and practices keep your mindy-body type in harmony.

Follow-up Consultation Sessions // Keep the ball rolling with follow-up consultations to keep diving deeper and gain support as we create new remedies for your changing symptoms and emotions throughout your entire healing process.

Astrology Readings

60 min readings for $75 

with Ariel Wright

Natal Chart
Explore the hidden depths through your natal chart by bringing awareness to your innate nature, see what holds you back in past lives, what you’re learning now & how to evolve forward with more grace, clarity & confidence. One’s chart is said to reflect 10% conscious ego & 90% unconscious spirit. The goal for interpreting your chart is to make the unknown known. Allowing this awareness to align deeper by removing obstacles for soul evolution in hopes to release the ties of karma. Come with a curiosity, an open mind & questions that will help guide you closer to your Divine nature as Spirit! With your interest of self-inquiry, we will navigate your unique blueprint. Learn more about your soul’s evolution, it’s an easy “heck yes” away!
Progressed Chart
In your progressed chart, we will rewind into the past, stand still in the present moment, & fast forward into the future as together we explore how your chart has changed over the many years since your birth. Just like you don’t look the same at birth, neither does your birth [natal] chart. A natal chart creates a strong foundation for a progressed chart reading & though isn’t entirely necessary, it is highly recommended. Here you will be able to reflect on how & why past events transpired, where they have left you standing now & where you might be heading into the future. Your evolution awaits!
Compatibility Chart
Unlike a natal & progressed chart, a compatibility chart reading compares two charts to one another. This is usually your natal chart compared to a loved one, a partner, a family member, a friend, etc. This is a pretty involved reading & should be taken on by those who deeply want to know more about their connection & relationship to another person to see how compatible they are, where they might have issues, where they will find ease & everything in between!  As a general rule, it’s important you have the consent of the other person > if possible < to attain this reading & dive into the sensitivities that lay in someone’s astrological chart. I function on the honor system, so please do enter this with honest intent & genuine care.

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture Treatment

Initial 90 mins $105 

Return 60 mins $90 

Cupping $45

Acupuncture encourages the body’s ability to resist or overcome illnesses and conditions by correcting imbalances. Acupuncture also prompts the body to produce chemicals that decrease or eliminate painful sensations. There are hundreds of acupuncture points (called acu-points) along the body’s 14 major meridians (energy-carrying channels). Sixteenth-century Chinese doctors used the term “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) to describe the energy that flows through meridians. Illness is caused by a disruption of Qi, which leads to an imbalance of energy. Acupuncture can correct this energy disruption. Inserting needles into the points with appropriate combinations can bring the energy flow back into proper balance. The acupuncturist will examine and assess the condition, insert one or more thin, sterile needles, and offer advice on self-care or other complementary therapies.


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. It also removes toxins by drawing impurities to the surface. The cupping loosens connective tissue or fascia and stimulated blood flow to the surface. Cupping stimulates tissue relaxation and better cell-to-cell communication.

Foot Massage and Reflexology


Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears.   Nerves connect the skin and internal organs and applying pressure to these parts offers a range of health benefits.   A reflexologist’s touch may help to calm the central nervous system, promoting relaxation and other benefits just like any form of massage.  It can reduce pain through calming touch, which may help to improve someone’s mood and reduce stress.   Vital energy or qi flows through each person. When a person feels stressed, their body blocks qi.  This can cause an imbalance in the body that leads to illness. Reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and disease free.  In Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points on the body. Reflexologists use maps of these points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where they should apply pressure.  The touch sends energy flowing through a person’s body until it reaches the area in need of healing.

Foot Massage

$40 for 30 minutes

Soothe and refresh your feet after a long day exploring Maui.  In recent times, people have turned to foot massage as a way to relax hard-working and sore feet.  Reflex zones are pressure points located on the tips of hands and feet, and t connect directly to the nervous system. By exerting pressure on different parts of the soles and sides of feet, various muscles and vital organs can be reached.  Your feet will undergo a very relaxing experience as the reflex zones are massaged and rubbed.   Foot massage is a very non-invasive way to heal.  Many ailments can be cured by massaging the feet!  Getting a foot massage does more than rejuvenate your feet – you may also feel less stress and more energy after this relaxing treatment.

Sound Healing

Sound healing uses sound, music and special instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques to improve health and wellbeing. The therapeutic sound and sound therapy techniques are delivered using tonal and rhythmic instruments like crystal bowls, gongs, and chimes. We specialize in combining instruments in a specific way to influence brainwave frequencies, enabling a person to enter an altered state of consciousness similar to very deep relaxation or meditation.

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