Maui Yoga and Dance Shala

Sraddha – Faith in our practice

According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (1.20), the practice of Yoga begins in Śraddhā, faith. Śraddhā means ‘that which gives you space and nourishment and holds you in place’. Here faith does not mean believing in something ‘out there’, faith is a basic trust in the Yoga tradition and your own sacred path. Faith gives you the energy and desire to keep coming back to your mat and your sadhana, or practice. In times of doubt or uncertainty, sometimes we can let our commitment to our practice wobble. It’s just then that we need our practice to help us to stabilize and ground…what a blessing that we can lean into our practice to steady us! 

The Yoga philosophy teaches us ways to meet the moment, to work with our mind and body and to be as present as we can be with life. Because that is what is required to truly grow and love and give. The practices bring us into direct relationship to the here and now, this moment. Which sounds great…but that requires a willingness to trust the unknown and meet the newness of this moment with openness of mind and heart. That’s faith. The ever-fresh willingness to learn more about yourself, and others and life…that is what keeps us dedicated to our practice.

yoga and bananas Hawaii
Emmarose helping with fresh banana harvest at the Maui Yoga Shala

Yoga helps build our trust in ourselves and in our path by helping us ‘remember’ our own heart and what’s most important. When you trust your practice, you naturally build trust in yourself and your own unique path. It’s time to trust and follow our hearts more than ever…and share the jewels of our gifts with the world. Our practice makes us stronger from the inside out, so we can continue to have faith in the road ahead, for ourselves and for the benefit of all. Trust that what you do matters! Come practice with us, and keep your light shining bright!

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