Maui Yoga and Dance Shala

The Abundant Life

Abundance is one of those words that is used often but means different things to different people. We in the land of aloha see abundance as a way of life, a grateful perspective on life rather than a goal. An abundant approach to living is seeing with the eyes of gratitude, wonder and a sense of possibility…a willingness to trust in Life and what we have to work with now. Seeing with the eyes of compassion, trust and Love is an act of abundance and generosity, and creates an energy that attracts all kinds of good things. An abundant perspective is one willing to look beyond what seems to be lacking to what is being given and what can be learned in every situation.

When we trust in enough-ness and plenty, when we look around to see that all that we need is here, we are more willing to share and open to receive, and let ourselves love and be loved. Here in this moment, we can let go of all those past conditioned views that set us up for struggle and tell us that we lack what is needed. Our hearts are abundant, this universe is plentiful and magical…it is our choice to open to that and receive what this day has for us, and learn to give from that place of abundant Love and Aloha.  How blessed we are!

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