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The Second Yama – Satya

The Yamas are practices that build our character, and progressively eliminate distractions and ‘static’ from our mind and heart. Satya naturally flows from the first Yama, Ahimsa. Satya means truth and sincerity and springs from our decision to do no harm, to cultivate peace and live in aloha. Furthermore, satya is being in alignment with the universal truth.

shoulder openers in yoga teacher training hawaii
Chelsea Bobowicz instructing a morning teacher training practice

The practice of telling the truth has many levels… speaking of what we do not know, seeing only our side of things and weaving a fantasies of how we think things should be are all subtle ways we compromise or avoid the truth. Satya starts with being honest with our self, being willing to tell our self the truth and be open to seeing the truth. This is no small endeavor ! To admit that we do not know, to admit to truth that is difficult to accept are challenging practices!  It takes compassion, humility and fierce commitment to the our personal growth. Many times we are less than honest because we fear losing something, so it does take courage to tell the truth, and patience to learn to communicate skillfully. And it is so worth it!

Speaking the truth is not always appropriate as it may harm someone unnecessarily – there is a time and place for all truth to be revealed. Living authentically isn’t always easy, but when we accept and tell the truth our hearts can rest in simplicity and we can move forward with clarity. Self-knowledge starts with sincerity, and that tender place of truth is the foundation of our beloved yoga practice.

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