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Why do a 300 Hour Teacher Training?

As yoga educators and practitioners, we know our practice is as dynamic and changing as we are. Everyday we learn something new and encounter challenges in our life and in our practice and everyday we have an opportunity to apply the wisdom of yoga to help us grow and evolve.  

Our yoga path is a life path, and along the way we count on the support and experience of teachers and mentors that we trust to guide us and help illuminate and encourage our unique voice and creative gifts.  The best teacher is a good student, and your commitment to staying open to learning and growing insures that your practice and teaching stay fresh and inspiring. 

In our 300 Hour Training, we build on the foundational skills and knowledge of the 200 Hour Training, deepening and expanding  personal practice, teaching skills and philosophical understanding. 

The balance of personal mentoring attention and class and lecture time offers the opportunity to explore the particular areas of your interest. Subjects covered include development of skills in working one on one with students in your teaching practice, as well as a deep exploration of  yoga psychology and philosophy through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  

The fascinating and important contemporary research in neuroscience is fast becoming the language of body-mind practices and spirituality. In our class work we include these modern insights and science-based understandings to shed light on how yoga works in the body and mind. This knowledge makes yoga education accessible and relevant to so many people in our world ! There has never been more opportunity for yoga professionals to thrive and expand their work. Join us for our 300 Hour Training and expand the possibilities of service and fulfillment in your personal and professional life. 

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