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Yoga – Now more than ever

These are challenging times and every day we are living with the uncertainty of change. But we are made for these times. Even though the practices and philosophy of yoga have been around a long time, they are more alive and relevant than ever. They are tools available to us that can help us through these times and help us to emerge stronger and wiser.

The practices of yoga can give us stability, something to lean into. It may feel like we are walking in the dark sometime, unsure how to proceed, unable to make plans. What better opportunity to deepen into the practice of being fully present, showing up here and now. This is Yoga….the practices that help us to feel braver by giving us a sense of ground in our own body and heart. 

Maui Yoga Shala instructor and lead trainer Dawn Deleonardis

So many of us are experiencing anxiety and stress, and the practices of yoga – the tools of asana, pranayama and meditation – work directly with our nervous system to help restore us to calm. These practices, done regularly, heal and re-train our nervous system and take us in the direction of resilience and regulation, which in turn, supports our immune system. It is one of the best ways to take care of yourself at all levels.

There are no maps for the territory ahead. Our yoga practice helps us stay in tune to our inner compass, and have the courage to follow our heart. The perennial wisdom of the yoga tradition has been given to us to inspire and support us…and we need it now more than ever. 

We are so grateful to have this treasure in our lives and are blessed to share it. Come join us in our devotion to practicing and sharing this beautiful path of yoga.

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